Trying to please all of the people all of the time

A variety of styles in this picture. I quite enjoy rising to the challenge of having to carve in various styles to suit the requests. But also, I wonder if I put some potential customers off by confusing them. Perhaps people who are interested in architectural and traditional carving will look at a funny little wren I have carved and continue on  in the google world, thinking ‘Well he can’t do architectural carving.’ I’d be happy to hear some feedback from outside my cloisters.

Just to confuse even more…I’m planning to show a few silverpoint drawings soon….


Silverpoint drawings are notoriously difficult to photograph for the web, but I’m going to have a bash with a better camera. Watch this space.

(BTW if any blog-literate person knows why there is so much space above that last sentence when it isn’t how I laid it out, please let me know! Thankyou.) 

Actually the type has now  moved completely from where I put it. Any helpful nurds out there?


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