Commissioning, and walking in a straight line

Firstly, I have added a page about commissioning to my shop. Here.

And, randomly, something I’d like your opinions on, I walked across a snowy flat playing field this morning and on my return, noticed that my previous tracks meandered a bit. I got to wondering if that was the most efficient way to get somewhere, or would it use up less energy to walk in a perfect straight line? A straight line would seem to be quicker, but it would take energy and concentration. I imagined the 200 yds I walked to be 200 miles heading for the North Pole. And such is life. Is it best to make a plan and stick to it rigidly, or relax a bit and meander? As this is a carving blog, is it better to do a drawing, transfer that drawing to the timber and efficiently chop away, sticking to the plan? Or meander a bit, knowing it will take a few more days? I usually stick to the plan, and try and walk in a straight line. But then again, I’m quite tired!


4 thoughts on “Commissioning, and walking in a straight line

  1. Hi Nick,
    the question you pose is very interesting. I can say, with my painting, that meandering usually gives me a result I’m personally happier with, but more quirky, whereas planned pieces can feel more stressful (like “real work”) but result in being “what people want” – so my copout answer would probably be – a mixture of both :-), best wishes, Victoria x

    • Thanks people! Nice to know you agree with each other. Meandering does allow for unintentional things to happen, and that can be surprising and good. But efficient? (and not easy with a block of wood). I guess, like most things, it’s a matter of balance. Back to square one.

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