Removing dust VIDEO

After sanding, revealing the incised letters by vacuuming is a small satisfaction after a long period of concentration.



2 thoughts on “Removing dust VIDEO

  1. Revelation!!So much important stuff in life gets clogged up with detritus. Especially at Christmas. Where do you find an effective emotional and/or spiritual vacuum cleaner?

  2. This thinking about revealing, carving – finding what a creative work is really about, reminds me of this poem by Seamus Heaney: IISensings, mountings from the hiding places,Words entering almost the sense of touchFerreting themselves out of their dark hutch—‘These things are not secrets but mysteries,’Oisin Kelly told me years agoIn Belfast, hankering after stoneThat connived with the chisel, as if the grainRemembered what the mallet tapped to know.Then I landed in the hedge-school of GlanmoreAnd from the backs of ditches hoped to raiseA voice caught back off slug-horn and slow chanterThat might continue, hold, dispel, appease:Vowels ploughed into other, opened ground,Each verse returning like the plough turned round.

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