Where do you get your ideas from?

Light At The End of the TunnelI’m never sure what that question means. Maybe because I find it hard to imagine that there are people who don’t have any ideas.
If I’m asked, I say something like this: All my ideas are ‘there’ (pointing at a vague area above and around my and the questioner’s head). Everyone’s ideas are there waiting to be grabbed. Just there, somewhere, I don’t know. You just have to be on the alert and be ready to receive them. I trust that there are an infinite number of ideas ‘out there’ for us to use. Not all of them are good , by the way. A lot of ideas are rubbish and need to be filtered. Often a good idea will be piggy backed onto a queue of not so good ideas.

Maybe the default setting for my brain is SCAN ON. It may explain why I may seem distracted sometimes and also why the world often seems ‘too much’ for me. Perhaps, too, why I love sleep. I don’t try to have ideas in my sleep, but quite often if I know I have a tricky project coming up, I will be presented with a solution on waking. If you’re not alert, you’ll miss it.
Sometimes I will get a title first, then make or carve an idea to fit the title. Often the title comes from overhearing (mistakenly) something in a conversation, or on the radio.
I suppose ideas are a bit like ghosts. They are there if you believe in them.

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